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5 Ways to Invest in Your Career This Summer

If you want to create the career of your dreams, you have to invest in yourself professionally, and take a moment to reflect on what you’ve done.

I truly understood this when I recently updated my resume, and noticed that it hadn’t been updated since I was a freelancer – more than a year ago! I gave my resume an entire face-lift and I love it! I’m happy at my current job, so I wont be using it soon. But it felt good to capture all of my experiences.

While you’re enjoying the beach and barbeques this summer, also carve out some time to invest in your career. Here are a few ideas:

1. Update resume

Every resume needs to be dusted off once in a while. When updating yours, start off with a brain dump. Write down all responsibilities and accomplishments, and use numbers when possible. Saying that you “increased a companies social media followers by 25%” resonates more than “managed social media account.”

The Internet is your friend when updating your resume! Use it to find examples from your industry to shape yours. See how to word the sentences and find creative, yet tasteful, design ideas to give it some flavor. The old school plain text resume is dead – we’re millennials! A little personality is ok, just don’t overdo it. It’s good to use industry lingo as key words in your resume to show employers that you’re abreast of the field.

2. Improve your digital footprint

One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to have an online presence! From my experience, companies want to know who you are. Your resume may be great, but it won’t capture their interest like a website would.

There are many easy-to use platforms to create a personal website or portfolio. We use, but you can also use, Wix, Weebly, AboutMe and so many more.

Also make sure your social media platforms are a reflection of your personal brand. It’s an extension of who you are, so it should be something you’re proud of.

3. Write a bio

You never know when you’ll need this, so it’s good to have. Include your education, work history, hometown and personal interests. There’s no right or wrong way to write a bio, so make sure yours is unique and expresses who you are. Use this as an exercise to find your writing voice if you don’t already know it.

4. Take a webinar, workshop or class

From cooking to photography to real estate, there are so many ways to learn and find information in your industry. If you’re serious about a subject like entrepreneurship or digital marketing, look into Master Mind classes where you can learn and network with people in your class.

5. Network

Attend events, participate in Twitter chats, invite someone on LinkedIn to get coffee… just do some type of networking opportunity! Investing in your career means connecting with people in your industry, so take advantage of every chance to meet someone new.

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