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7 Songs to Jumpstart your Fitspiration Playlist

When we launched Becoming Brilliance, I gave you all my 3 essentials for workout motivation. And one of the three essentials was a workout playlist, compiled of your favorite “ditties” that will ultimately get you moving! I enjoy a good workout but being the music enthusiast that I am, the songs I listen to while exercising…frankly, makes me enjoy the workout even more and push a tad harder to get through it. I have seriously left the gym because I forgot my headphones or my phone battery would be dying soon and I’d be left to have music less workouts. That’s how passionate I am about the difference good music makes when exercising!

So, instead of hogging all the good music to myself I decided to give you all 7 of my favorite songs from my workout playlist. These selections will surely help you create or enhance your fitspiration (fitness inspiration 🙂 ) playlist!

  1. Turn Up the Music by Chris Brown
  2. Let the Groove Get In by Justin Timberlake
  3. Universal Mind Control by Common (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  4. Lose Control by Missy Elliot (feat. Fat Man Scoop & Ciara)
  5. Yoga by Janelle Monaé & Jidenna
  6. Watch Dem Roll by Sean Paul
  7. Freakum Dress by Beyoncé

Now, granted music may not be a motivator for all but my essential message is just simply find what encourages you to continue working towards a healthier and happier you. And what will assist you in maintaining consistency while reaching your desired lifestyle goals. But during your next workout give these feel good songs a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I’m always listening for new music! What are some of your favorite “feel good” songs that get you moving? Sharing is caring!

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