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Millennial Men Pt 3: 3 Reasons to be Your Own #RelationshipGoals

Millennial Men

The access that social media has given us to regularly view how others are living their lives far too often distracts us from simply living our own. It’s so easy to make things look better than they appear especially if the only thing being shown is what you truly want people to see.

Now, that’s no shade because we put our best face forward on our platforms as well! However, in this digital age relationship envy or what we more affectionately refer to as #RelationshipGoals sometimes deserves one, big eye roll.

We’re not saying that admiring relationships whether for how they’ve persevered through individual or joint challenges, or how they root for their significant other through life’s successes is wrong. But it’s important to be sure you’re not putting others on a pedestal for which you hope will be your next mate or comparing your current partner to the actions of someone else.

If nothing else, interviewing 13 guys of various relationship statuses truly depicts how every relationship based on the individuals involved will differ and why it’s better (and more fun!) to simply be your own #RelationshipGoals! Here’s why:

  1. All men are NOT the same

This one is specifically for those who love to ask, “do you think all men cheat?” I know as women we hate when men group us together based on unflattering, circumstantial behaviors but we’ll quickly pull the “a man is going to be a man” card without any regard to men as individuals.

We asked our #MillennialMen is there anything they wish women knew about men and Deonte Bridges’ response was music to our ears: “There are some of us out here who still love, respect and appreciate y’all.”  Don’t miss out on your special one because you chose to generalize him.

2. There isn’t a manual specific to YOUR relationship

Men get their suits tailored, women get alterations…and why is that? Because the product at the beginning can be nice but it becomes just right once it’s been personalized for your needs and wants. Relationships are the same way, starting out you all may already have a good thing going but it’s when you truly take the time to tailor your relationship for you and yours is when things become even more beautiful as you all define who you are…together.

Everyone desires different things and the development of your relationship may not follow the “status quo”. “Face to face conversation. You can read a person’s intentions when looking them in their eyes. A woman making the first move is ok to me. It just shows she knows what she wants which a lot of men like,” says Jalen Anderson. And as his girlfriend, I can vouch that this worked in our favor.  🙂

3. Creating your own love story is so much more fun than living someone else’s

“Skydiving, parasailing, cliff jumping, bungee jumping…basically, anything that involves us almost peeing ourselves just so we can be closer together knowing that we survived some crazy ‘ish.” Isaiah Hill couldn’t have said any better why couples should explore and experience new things together. Honestly, true relationship goals are deciding on something you all want to conquer together and actually following through. You’ll share those moments and be excited to continue to create new ones. Make it only about each other and your love story will follow.

Our Millennial Men gave us some good stuff! Have you and bae set some #relationshipgoals? What do y’all have planned for the future? Share in the comments below.

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