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Millennial Men Pt. 4: #MillennialMen on Marriage

Millennial Men


Throughout our seasons of dating it’s important to keep things fun but of course, as the Becoming Brilliance beauties we are we can’t help but be intentional with what we want in all aspects of our lifestyle…(see what I did there ♥). After a while, we may begin to wonder where is this going? Are we dating with a purpose or just casually? Where does HE see this going? Does he see a future with me?

Bringing up the big ‘M’, shouldn’t be taken lightly by any means especially, since it can be difficult to gauge if it’s something #MillennialMen are even considering while dating. However, out of our 13 guys, 9 say they would like to get married and 3 are already married. There was only 1 no. Guess it’s on their radar more than we give them credit for…

As our #MillennialMen series comes to a conclusion, we thought it be great to reflect on the guy’s views on what many consider the ultimate goal in the realm of love and relationships:

“My ideal age [for marriage] would be about 29 or 30. I would like for us to at least have 3 years under our belt before engagement.” –Aaron Perkins, 25, In A Relationship


“I told my father and brother how I felt about her and I just knew she was the one over everybody I’d dated…I got married at 27.” –Kevin Crayton, 28, Married


“My ideal age to be married is whatever age it happens. Whether I’m 26, 30 or 40, the love that I will have for my wife will not change with age. Marriage is the goal one day and should be the goal for anyone who is casually dating. However, at the moment I am focused on school and becoming the best healthcare provider I can be for my patients.” Tunde Oshikoya, 26, Single/Dating


“I didn’t think I was ready. I’ve talked to a lot of married men and most of them told me that’s not something you can really be prepared for. You just do it and trust God to take care of the rest. That was my case especially being young and fresh out of college.” –Tyler Bell, 25, Married 


“I definitely want to get married. With the job that I have I probably won’t until I’m in my mid 30’s but of course I don’t know. Love just happens! I’d like to be where I want to be in my career before I settle down with someone and make a big commitment like marriage. I’ve seen my parents break up and I don’t want that to happen to me so I’ll take my time when it comes to marriage.” –Byron Jenkins, 25, Single/Dating


“I got married when I was 22. I knew I was ready when my wife matched all the traits I look for and how I was in a position financially to provide for us and also help her with her goals and aspirations.” –Donovan Lyons, 26, Married

Did you enjoy our #MillennialMen series? What topic in the love and relationship realm did you gain the most insight from the guys? Share in the comments below.



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