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Walking In Your Purpose

“Don’t forget who you are and who’s you are…”

Did your mother say this every time you stepped out in public too? This was my mother’s consistent reminder / threat not to misbehave because it would surely get back to her. Often times I’d roll my eyes at the repetitive statement, but as I got older and truly began to understand whom I was, her saying had a different yet applicable meaning.

I’m a 24 year-old Black woman who was raised in Atlanta and educated at the illustrious Howard University (Go Bison!!). I’m an introvert by nature who can flip on her extrovert switch in seconds. But labels don’t capture who we are in totality.

Our gender, race, upbringing and education help make up who we are, but we are not defined or limited by those labels.

So who are you?

Even if I’ve never met you, I know that you’re a spiritual being with a divine purpose.

You may have noticed that “purpose” has become the latest buzzword. People always say that you should find yours, but they don’t always tell you how. They say that it will make your life or career more fulfilling, but that can be a challenge if you don’t clearly see why you were put on this earth. If you don’t already know your divine calling, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • If money wasn’t a factor, what would you do for the rest of your life?

A lot of us may say we’d travel the world, but what would you do while you’re there? Would you scour the international streets looking for the latest fashion trends or volunteer abroad? How you’d spend your time if given the opportunity to do whatever you want instead of working just to make a living can shed light on your calling.

  • What are you good at or what are people always going to you for?

You may be a wiz at creating budgets on Excel or a lover of cooking healthy meals for your family and friends. Your unique gifts and talents aren’t coincidental – somehow they may fit into the plan for your life. 

  • What’s your role in your friend circle?

Maybe you’re the mother figure that always knows what to say. Or you’re the socially conscious friend encouraging others to vote or protest. Just as much as people were placed in your life for a reason, you have a purpose in their life as well. And this role may have a bigger meaning into your life’s purpose.

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard multiple people say that I was inspiring. I think my purpose is to help people unleash their brilliance by sharing my testimony and offering words of encouragement. That’s an honor because I’m always motivated by other people, so to be light to someone else gives me fuel to keep going even on my worse days.

Your purpose helps you continue pushing even in the face of adversity or obstacles. It’s your why. It’s something that you would spend the rest of your life doing (even for free) if you had a chance.

While our purpose may evolve or shift over the years, knowing that we are called to do something greater than just live day-to-day is motivation to live our best lives. There was a reason that God created you, and it’s up to you to figure out your why and walk in that purpose.

Do you have an idea of your purpose? Share in the comments below!

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