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10 Lessons from Werk, Pray, Slay

When 150+ inspired women are in one room, the energy is electrifying. We experienced this first hand during the Werk, Pray, Slay empowerment event on November 3 – 5 in Atlanta.

Referred to as “a weekend for winning women,” Werk, Pray, Slay was created by entrepreneur Koereyelle and her Dream Team to help attendees become their best selves before becoming a wife.

From the sessions to the social events to the amazing vendors, Werk, Pray, Slay was the spark that we needed during this season in our lives. There were so many gems about entrepreneurship, relationship readiness and personal development dropped during the weekend, but here are our top 10 takeaways:

1. Your attention has to stay on your intention

Multiple presenters stressed the importance of being intentional — also meaning being purposeful and deliberate.

During the opening of the BYOB (be your own boss) conference on Saturday, the host, LB -The Wife Coach, referenced a quote by Wayne Dyer that says: “Our intention creates our reality.” LB then gave us a few minutes to write down why we were there and what we wanted to get out of Werk, Pray, Slay.

This exercise about being intentional was a great foundation for the event. It gave us an opportunity to get crystal clear about our hopes for the weekend, and where we’re trying to go in life.

2. The first step to financial freedom is getting your mind right

We all want more zero’s in our bank account, but many of us are swimming in debt just trying to keep afloat. One of the sessions at Werk, Pray, Slay was changing your mindset about money hosted by Kristin of Debt Free Black Girl.

She challenged us to re-program how our brain thinks about our finances. Some of the ways to do that is to reflect on how money was handled in your household growing up, think about budgeting as a spending plan for your money – not a restrictive practice, and create an aggressive debt payoff plan where you attack the loans with the highest interest or highest balance first (also known as the snowball effect).

3. Peace and success comes from having balanced chakras

In the session about balancing your chakras and manifesting success, Rubi D. explained the 7 chakras. A chakra is an energy centre in our body in which energy flows through. When unbalanced, it causes different types of problems in our lives and how we live. It was interesting to learn more about our chakras, including:

  • Root – survival (financial independence, money and food) and your foundation; living confidently in your purpose
  • Sacral – associated with your emotions, feelings, creativity and sexuality
  • Solar plexus – willpower; self-confidence and the relationship you have with yourself
  • Heart – being able to love and receive love
  • Throat – communicating effectively; comprehending what you read; listening to understand, not to respond
  • Third eye – ability to follow intuition and see the bigger picture
  • Crown – tapping into your higher self; letting go of your ego

4. Developing poppin’ partnerships requires strategy, creativity and purpose

Creative marketing strategist Alechia Reese shared how she’s built relationships with major corporations like Verizon and Grey Goose, and celebrities like Zendaya by being intentional (aha there’s that word again!) She said: “life is a relationship game. In order to win at it, you have to learn to build mutually beneficial relationships.”

Some of Alechia’s recommendations to do that include understanding who you are and what you have to offer, in addition to what makes you unique. Also, creating a desired relationship tree of people you want to get to know professionally and, making an events strategy so you can add value and get the most out of the experience.

5. Getting your mind right for marriage is a matter of manifestation

Another common theme amongst the Werk, Pray, Slay speakers was the importance of getting your mind right in order to yield all you desire.  Joané King of and affectionately referred to as the Wifestyle Strategist gave us her V.I.P tips to successfully mold your relationship through Vulnerability, being Intentional (the magic word during this weekend for winning women!) and Present:

  • Vulnerability- being able to let your guard down and take criticism from the one you love.
  • Intentional- catering to his thoughts and being a sounding board for him to confide; vice versa.
  • Present- not doing anything wrong isn’t enough; be there and mindful of the climate of the relationship and how it may need to be nurtured at the time.

Werk Pray Slay

6. Elevate yourself, know your worth and you’ll attract what you match

“You are his match, not his mirror.” -Joané King,  Following the importance of manifesting a successful relationship, we also discussed the ability to learn to let him lead but not losing yourself in the process. This requires you to first become what you’d like to attract, in order to attract someone worthy of leading.

Tap into your higher self and claim what you know you deserve from a significant other.  You shouldn’t be in a situation where you simply conform to what he wants you to be, you complement. You all complement each other and if your partner says otherwise then you’re not in the right situation. As Naetorious said, “He’s the head…but you’re the neck.” They depend on one another. They work better together.

7. There’s always good in the bad that happens; you just have to find it

Rubi D emphasized that balancing your chakras doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever encounter bad things however, it assists in helping you master how to react better in negative situations. Achieving a certain level of peace and happiness allows you the clarity to assess the good in seemingly bad situations, which is an evergoing lesson of growth and gratitude. 

8. Increasing your income and influence as a blogger requires authenticity, consistency and tracking your analytics

Kyshira Moffett is the mastermind behind HERmovement and is a branding strategist who helps busy bombshells revamp their online presence to be authentic and profitable. Kyshira encouraged us to be as true to ourselves as possible while building our brands and get clear on what you want to be known for. Doing self-inventory is key by evaluating the following:

  1. Niche- what lane are you playing in?
  2. Value Proposition- what makes you, your product and content special?
  3. Need- What does your client need? Paying points?
  4. Content Strategy- what type of blog are you aiming to do? Coaching, Photo, Beauty, etc.

9. Your client/audience has 99 problems, your job is to solve 1

This clever tidbit from Kyshira was gold to all of us embarking on our entrepreneurial journey. It went hand in hand with the continued theme of being intentional and defining what is your why? It’s so easy to become eager to be your own boss but you have to do the research in order to find where you’re needed most and do the work to become present in that realm. You want to make impact in what excites you, the income will follow.

10. Life will be lit in 5 years… if you choose her over everything

As event creator Koereyelle celebrated her 5th Werk, Pray, Slay this year, she shared how much the weekend has evolved over the years and how we can too if we stay focused on the woman that we’re becoming. During her keynote during the BYOB conference, she stressed how every decision, thought, word and action we say is affecting who we will become… so we have to choose her.

We can’t wait for next year’s Werk, Pray, Slay weekend! What’s the best empowerment event that you’ve been to? Share more in the comments below!




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