Year in Review: Our favorite posts from 2017

Wow! Here we are celebrating another year of Becoming Brilliance. Two years ago today we published our first blog post and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.

The past year has been full of ups and downs that has challenged us, and improved our faith. We’ve documented a lot of those moments through our blog, so we wanted to share 10 of our favorites posts from our second year of blogging, and why we love them so much:

1. Millennial Men 4 part series We learned so much from the guys we interviewed for this blog feature! They gave us the scoop on what Millennial men think about dating, love and marriage. Their responses to our survey was definitely insightful, and we appreciate their honesty to help us all in the love department.

2. 3 Life Lessons Learned From Skydiving – Teyonna can personally attest that the bigger the risk you take, the bigger the reward! Jumping 14,000 feet out of the air taught her about the importance of choosing faith over fear and knowing that God got your back if you put your life in His hands.

3. For The Culture: The Must Have App for a Lit Game Night – Some of our best laughs were over game nights, and in 2017 we added “For The Culture” to our favorites. We had so much fun playing this “modern spin on the classic guessing game charades that incorporates African American Culture, History, Music and Film” together. Check out the YouTube video below to laugh with us!

4. New Movement to Silence the Shame About Mental Health – Simply put – it’s important to have healthy conversations about mental health. We see the negative effects of not talking about it on the news and social media, but organizations like Silence The Shame is making an effort to change the stigmas against mental health. In this blog post we give six actions that we can all take to help change the negative narrative regarding mental health.

5. Bill of Brilliance: 6 Affirmations to Tap into your Magic – What you say to yourself greatly affects your present and future. You owe it to yourself to speak words of kindness and inspiration every day. We love that this post is a reminder that brilliance is your birthright, and affirmations can be your best friend.

6. The Millennial’s Guide to Managing Up Whether your goal is to climb the corporate ladder or start your own business venture, this blog post shares some gems to help you navigate your career. Do your job well and find ways to add value to make your manager look good so you can reap the benefits later.

7. 10 Lessons From Werk, Pray, Slay Winning Women Weekend  Nothing motivates us more than being around amazing, inspiring and bossed up women who are becoming brilliance personified. This weekend was just that! We hope to attend even more women empowerment events in 2018, look out for us in your city. *wink*

8. #SelfCareSundays  Self care is important now more than ever, everyone wants to be great but sometimes in our pursuit to greatness we forget to take care of US first. This is just a friendly reminder (…even for us) that you can’t pour into others from an empty cup so please take care of yourself first.

9. #SummerSlaySeries + GIVEAWAY  We set the goal of hosting giveaways for Becoming Brilliance in 2017…and we did TWO! Our #SummerSlayGiveaway was full of good stuff and we’re super proud of ourselves for following through on our goals even when life gets a little crazy. 🙂

10. Behind the Brilliance Youtube Series  Last but certainly not least, we aimed to add another dimension to the blog last year and launching our first Youtube series was nerve wracking but so fulfilling. We vacillated about doing it for awhile but what could it hurt, right?  If you take nothing else away from this post know this, set your goals and crush them no matter if  you have 100 people watching or 14 or even 5. Give your best through good content  and the audience will come especially if you master consistency (goal for life…lol) you can expect a lot more video content from us allllllll 20-18!

If you liked this reflection, check out our favorite posts from year one of blogging here!


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